Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gone Fishin'

July 19, 2013 We made a quick trip to Panguitch to meet up with my sister Annesa. While we were there we took all the kids fishing. It was the perfect weather, just a light rain falling.  Madison was the only one to catch a fish though.

 Grandpa Rupert, Ava, Kennedy
 Nessy, Brisa, Danika

 Madison with her prize winning fish!
 Grandma Net and Bentley

 Ian with professional form.  Notice how when he concentrates he puts his tongue in his cheek, just like his Grandpa Rupert. 


Ava got some grown-up make up for her birthday from Eden, Isabelle and Quinn, which is much better than that gooey kid stuff. Anyway she decided to try it out on Haylee Jo. I am not sure why she decided to go with black when she had all kinds of shade of pink, but she did.
 Haylee was such a good sport. Ava just kept applying and applying, we were cracking up!
 This is the end result, isn't she lovely!
 Then Haylee had her turn with Ava....

Brisa at 8 Months

At 8 months old, Brisa is such a sweet baby! She sits up, rolls around, claps her hands, and smiles, smiles, smiles! She started crawling at about 8 1/2 months (the earliest of all our kids). She is developing quite the personality already! When she wakes up from naps she just lays in there talking to herself until I come get her out of her room.  We sure do love this little one!

Ava Turns 4!!!

For Ava's 4th birthday we headed to Panguitch for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. It is always held the last weekend of June, so naturally we tell Ava they are sending the balloons up for her birthday. 
This year Ava wanted a Little Mermaid birthday party.  She LOVES the Little Mermaid.  She even has most of the song Part of Your World memorized.  What Little Mermaid party would be perfect without an Ariel cake? Cari and my mom helped me decorate it, along with the help of a bunch of kids, which lets face it, are really no help at all:)
Ava was feeling a little under the weather, so she didn't even wake up until around 10am.
 We had a nice lunch out on the back porch, and she was teased relentlessly from her dad and uncles.

 Her party started shortly after lunch.  She wanted to open presents first, so that is just what she did!

 Notice her super cute birthday outfit from Great Grandma and Grandpa Croft.

After presents we took the kids to Ariel's Treasure Trove where they dug for buried treasure, they each had their own treasure box to put their treasures in.
 Jade and Jaelynn
 Eden (who wanted to wear her nightgown all day because it had Ariel on it)

 Next we did pin the tentacles on Ursula.  Ava did not participate because she was too scared of Ursula.

 Next we had a huge sponge bomb war, adults included.  Ava took awhile to get out there since she wasn't feeling very well.
 Dustin is under attack!!
 He dodged one, Then....
he got hit right where it counts!
 Finally Ava joined the fun, in her Little Mermaid swimsuit from Grandma Sandy and Papa.
 The kids took cover on the swing set.
 After everyone had cooled off it was time for the birthday cake...

 It was really windy so we did sparklers instead of candles.

 Ava huffed, and puffed, but could not blow the sparklers out!
Ava @ 4:
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite food: Pizza and breadsticks
Favorite treat: Cinnamon rolls
Favorite sond; Part of Your World
Favorite book: Ballerinas
Favorite movie: The Little Mermaid
Favorite place to visit: The Aquarium
Favorite animal: Dog
Favorite princess: Ariel
Favorite game: Don't Break the Ice
She also wanted me to write that she LOVES coloring (and she is excellent at it too), likes hearts and loves to give her mom hugs!
We love our blue-eyed curly haired little girl, sometimes she is a bit of a space cadet, but it makes us love her all the more!
I don't know why I can't get the video to work, try clicking here...

Thanks to everyone who came to the party.  We missed all the cousins who couldn't be there!